Other Services and Support

Development Circles
The church runs two Development Circles to train people to develop their Spiritual Gifts to work for Spirit as their conscience dictates.
For further details please contact:  Michael Keayes T: 07939697322 

Private Readings
Private Readings are available at the Church.
For further details please see website for Psychic fayers.

Paranormal Assistance
As part of our work, the church provides a service to anyone experiencing Paranormal problems; offering help with Spirit Rescue, removal of unpleasant energies from a building or home, Spirit Manifestation or Spirit activity of any kind. House blessings are also available.

If you are experiencing problems, please speak to a member of the church.

Have you considered getting more involved with the Church?

What special talents do you have to offer?

We have roles available….

Gardening – Cutting grass and a general tiding of the outside of the building. Keeping the Roses looking as wonderful as they do.

Booking Secretary – Meet and book the Mediums.  List will be provided to contact them all, a quick message or call to confirm they are still ok to cover the service a few days before.

Duty Rota – liaising with committee to see who can do duties.

Accountancy – Monies within the church have to be accountable.

Healing – Learn to give healing under the guidance of HPAI trained spiritual healer.

Development – We have two groups booked to learn to develop your spiritual gifts.

Platform Readings/Chairing – All you need is a little confidence.

Buddy – Make sure everyone receives a worm welcome and follows government guidelines.

President – To be the face of the church to lead and gather the community under the guidance of the minister Mrs Rosie Headley.   To have vision and ideas of where and how the church runs and to lead and support all roles.

Maintenance – Maintain the inside and out of the building ie, electrical work, maintenance, fixing things when they break, organising pat testing and compliance to government standards.

Minister – To guide the congregation with spiritual guidance, through difficulties with care and compassion.

Committee – to help guide the council to the best decision for the churches benefit. Make important decisions and come with Ideas.

Trustee – There are 4 trustees that guide and oversee the church.  They guide the President and Ministers in the best interest of the Church.

Congregation – One of the most important roles with out your attendance and financial support the Church cannot run.  So all it requires is for you to come and support us and we will support you.

Speak to one of our committee members for further information at service.