The Religion of Spiritualism
Spiritualism is not as commonly believed, a sinister cult meeting in darkened rooms to “call up the dead” but an officially recognised religious movement with its own churches and ministers, who possess the same rights and privileges as other religions.

Proof of Survival 
Spiritualism is in itself a religion in that it embodies the main ideas of all religions that there is life after death, immortality and the existence of a God.

The difference between Spiritualism and other religions is the ability through mediumship to prove that man survives the grave; that is to say certain people called mediums are able to communicate with those who have passed over, thus furnishing conclusive evidence of their continued existence in another world.

Mediums cannot call up these people as one would on the telephone – they come to us, but only when they are ready, willing and able to do so.

Who are these mediums? They are highly sensitive people who have developed their psychic power – which each of us possesses to a greater or lesser degree – women intuition is an example. Some are born mediums; others take years to develop, while others through ignorance or lack of opportunity of development are unable to develop their gift.

The Christian Spiritualist Church bases its teachings and practices on the following:

  • WE BELIEVE – In the Fatherhood of God and The Brotherhood of All Life.
  • WE TEACH – That each individual is personally responsible for all actions and deeds be they good or bad. That any wrong doing can only be corrected by the individual concerned.
  • WE ACCEPT – The Teachings and Example which was demonstrated By Jesus the Christ. That we will, at all times, try to Live by that example.
  • WE KNOW – That communion with the Spirit World is possible. That Spirit Teachers and Healers return to the Earth Conditions to provide help for those who stand in need.

God Our Father
Spiritualists are often thought of as being atheists or anti-Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our teaching acknowledges ‘One God who is Love’, The Fatherhood of God.

So then how do we see God? Certainly not as some far removed person sitting on a throne, in some ill-defined place, but an infinite power embodied in all that is good and beautiful in our World, the greatest factor in the universe, the source of all that is good and the controlling factor of all nature.

Spiritualist are not anti-Christian any more than they are anti-Jewish or anti-Moslem. Spiritualism is a universal religion recognizing many great masters.

One religion is a very personal matter and anyone adopting Spiritualism is free to, and indeed should interpret the teaching according to their own awareness.

A major difference between Christian Spiritualism and the orthodox Christian Church is that while we accept the teaching and example set for us by Jesus Christ, we do not accept the dogma of the vicarious atonement. We believe and teach that each individual is responsible for every act of theirs, be it good or bad and that any act of wrongdoing can only be rectified by the person concerned.

Non-Vindictive God 
Further, we do not believe in a vindictive God sitting in judgment over us. We are our own judges here and now and we shall receive compensation or retribution for whatever we have done, whether good or bad. Heaven or hell are not places to which we are destined to go, but states of mind of our own creation.

We do not automatically become spiritual when we leave this world. We shall in fact retain the earthly characteristics while the opportunity will be given throughout eternity to make spiritual progress and so undo any wrongs we committed on earth, for both free will and personal responsibility will still be with us in the world to come.

Man is a spirit within a mortal body. Death is but the parting of the ways – our body to decay but our spirit to live on in a new environment.

If death were the end of everything, life would merely have a material motive, whereas the knowledge of a future existence gives life a spiritual motive and purpose beyond mere physical existence.

Spiritual Healing 
Among the great forces of Spiritualism is Healing the sick either by personal contact – “The laying on of hands” – or through Absent/Distant Healing, in which patients are treated often at great distances – by the sending out of Healing thoughts and prayers.

The so-called miracles of Healing performed by Jesus and his disciples are regularly performed by Spiritual Healers today. Many incurable diseases have been successfully treated.

No Healer can guarantee a cure, but at least he can alleviate suffering and ease a passing, and possibly affect a complete cure.

As discussed above, Spiritual Healing is not faith Healing. Patients have been treated without their knowledge as by Absent/Distant Healing or through being too ill or young to understand.

We do not expect you to accept these things blindly, but we do invite you to prove our claim for yourself by visiting a Spiritualist Church and forming your own conclusions.

At Spiritualist church services, worship and teachings of Spiritualism forms a part of the service with the addition that the Medium endeavors to bring those on the other side who may wish to contact their relatives or friends who may be in the congregation.

This is the real meaning of the “Communion of Saints (Spirit) and the life Everlasting”.