Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is not available at this present time.
Absent Healing Available – Healing book until further notice.

An Overview of Spiritual Healing
There is a tendency for people to think that Spiritual Healing is only done through the faith or belief of the person requiring this form of Healing. This is not true! A child or even an animal, does not know what faith or belief is and yet, they receive Spiritual Healing in the same way as anyone else.

If a faith or a belief is required then this could be termed only as Faith Healing and this need not necessarily have a Spiritual context behind it. The only requirement a patient should have is a respect for themselves and a positive attitude towards their own well being.

Spiritual Healing requires no faith or belief whatsoever on the part of the patient seeking it; nor is it a requirement that the patient needs to possess the same belief as that of the Spiritual Healer administering the Healing.

Spiritual Healing is carried out in accordance with the philosophy and teachings of Spiritualism. The actual Healing itself is one of a Spiritual nature and this has an effect on all levels within the person. I.e. mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A Spiritual Healer administers Healing with this knowledge and through this realises the importance of their role as a channel for the Healing energies.

The Spiritual Healer is only a channel for the Healing energies and as such cannot direct or influence what is a natural process. The Healer should help the patient to realise that they, the patient, are also responsible for assisting the Healing process as the patients general attitude can and does have a great effect on the quality of Healing they receive.

Two main methods are available. These are:

  • CONTACT HEALING where the Spiritual Healer places their hands either on or near the patient.
  • ABSENT HEALING where the patients are not physically present but Healing thoughts are extended to them.

No massage or manipulation is used during Contact Healing and no patient is asked to remove any clothing, except for maybe an overcoat, or glasses and hearing aids for safety reasons. (See below for further details of Spiritual Healing).


All Healers used in the church are members of the Healer Practitioner Association. All have an ID card, which they should carry with them and you are invited to inspect their card to verify their credentials